For the first time for the players!
Uncompromising intellectual fighting game!

If you know about the ancient game Zonk! Like poker! Like gambling!
Enjoy battling and evolving your fighters! Dice of Fury game will definitely come to your liking!

Dice of Fury

If you enjoyed an ancient dice game Zonk and you like magic and sorcery than you will definitely enjoy this game! Vide variety of characters with unique abilities, level ups and updates for your characters. Lots of spells, weapons, armor, runes, craftable items and build combinations to prepare your mages for battles and a whole lot of other astonishing features await you in the breathtaking game - Dice of Fury. With every new level your mages will become more powerful which, as a result, will make their appearance to change. Battle other players or compete with your friends. And if you are brave enough you can try challenging evil golems.

Battle other players or compete with your friends
Challenge evil magical golems on the Arena
Enhance your battling skills and magical abilities
Acquire various characters and upgrade them
Obtain needed components and produce useful in battle items
All this and a lot more awaits you in the unique game Dice of Fury!

Dice of Fury is not just another dice game. It is an intellectual duel where you will have to keep an eye on your mage's characteristics or on the characteristics of the opponent's mage. Every magical attack or physical punch can be lethal. And this is what makes the game so interesting and unique. Enjoy the game! And may the gods of Katelstan watch over you!

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